Waking up the legs, waking up the blog

Hiatus is a strange thing. I’ve really wanted to ride more this last couple months. And yet circumstances have prevented this occurrence. Staying up all night leads to very little energy, and time for cycling. Slow sales at the restaurant, working long hours, navigating many transitions.

I am planning another tour, to launch on October 1. So I still have time to get my body and mind into shape for the long hours in the saddle. The destination includes my fifth Sun Magazine writers retreat at Esalen, and beyond. My passport application is pending. Baja California? Further south, into Central America? We shall see.

But for now, lunch at Cafe Mundo. Writing on my new tech: Google Nexus 7, paired to the Droid phone for data. A ride this afternoon, over Otter Crest loop. A good warm up, easy reentry into the ride.

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