Mountain marathon


Day 39: Big Sur to Santa Cruz, 83 miles

Why am I ending this tour with such monster rides? The fun of it? Not today. Certainly, the first 30 miles were amazing, climbing and soaring over the northern stretch of the Big Sur coast.

But the next 50 miles were grueling, through the Monterey valley, farmland, back roads, and lots of little hills. I arrived after dark, riding up Branciforte Road to Naomi’s house.

Even the last 3 miles, I found myself wondering, why do I do this? Ha. One of those questions, best not asked to the wind.

The familiar driveway appeared, and I entered to house to a warm hug and great dinner. Still in the daze of way too many endorphins, I chatted with Naomi and her housemate. They said I was crazy. But I knew I would do it again. And again.


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