Farm-to-Farm Century


The magic number, 100 miles.  I tell people about this ride, half boasting, half surprised I was even able to finish it.  100 miles.  But really, given the gears, a century is just a really long ride.  7-1/2 hours on the road, to be exact.  9 hours total, with all the breaks. 

The challenge is keeping hydrated, keeping distracted from the mundane of mile after mile.  Though not much for me, since the ride is why I am here.  The longer the better, for the touring cyclist.

Having company along the way was a rare treat for a solo cyclist such as myself.  My brother James and I bonded, as he completed the longest ride he’d ever done.  And all the other cyclists, hundreds, were friendly and rooting for me as they passed on the hills.

Then there was the food!  Farm-to-Farm was sponsored by Monroe Sharing Gardens, a community food-bank project.  So the stops all had delicious catered snacks, and there was a lovely dinner at the end.

The route happened to be right in my back yard, following many of my regular cycling routes. Moreover, the ride passed through towns I lived in as a child growing up in the Willamette Valley: Philomath, Harrisburg, Monroe. James and I reminisced at many points along the way.

Cycling through our past, heading into the future. An epic ride.

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