Lucky 7?


Day 23: Homestead to Timberhill via extra hills, 31 miles

No belief in numerology necessary to appreciate a line of digits.  This one I won’t see again for another 70,000 miles.  Doubt the bike computer will last that long.  But this number, 7777.7, is the distance traveled since I popped new batteries into the long dormant computer, hopped on the bike and began merrily pedaling 2 years ago.

I wanted to see the speed readout as 7’s too, so I took a video, one-handed, while pedaling. Slowly, 7.7 miles an hour, on a side street in Corvallis, but dangerous nonetheless. Kids, don’t do this.  Anyway, the blurry second picture is a screen grab of the computer, fully decked out, with seven 7’s.

Oh yeah, and for any numerologists out there, today is the 7th of August, my age is 7×7, and I just rode 7 days straight 😛

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