Nothing to say



Day 5: Timberhill Airport Road Loop, 21 miles

So along with daily riding, I’ve made a commitment to also write daily on this blog.

Which begs the question: Do I have enough to write about? Is anyone really interested to read the musings and rambling thoughts of a middle-aged bicyclist? 

Sometimes I feel like I just have fnothing to say.  Which might be another way of saying that what I do have to say is irrelevant, boring, or as in the case of this public blog, inappropriate given my very public position in my community.

But then there is just the likely occurrence of my boredom, which over the years I’ve come to define as a ‘failure of the imagination’.  Or a stagnation of creativity, bottled up desires and yearnings and passions.  All screaming to be released from the mental prison within they’ve been locked away.

Open the doors, you say, set them free!  OK, I’ll try.  But there it is again, the flat affect, null response.

Nothing to say.

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