Day 2: Yachats to Muriel Ponsler Wayside, 23 miles

Takes a bit of effort to move back into daily cycling.  Borrowing from Newtonian physics, the concept of inertia seems apropos.  ‘An object in motion will continue in motion unless force is applied’.  Likewise, moving an object which is ‘stationary’ also requires force.

I’ve also thought about a sort of ’emotional’ inertia.  That certain states seem self-perpetuating, and that to move into another state requires some sort of force.  Inertia may also be defined as ‘resistance to change’.

But why would I want to stay in say, a dark emotional place?  Resist the changes needed to move into the light? Or need to further explore the depths of my soul, the primal questions, the hidden agendas and unfinished business.

All this greets me as I cycle.  I work against the physical inertia as I pump up the hills, relish in the soaring descents.  And I push against my resistance to change, my moods, my thoughts.  Until a breakthrough – an elegant ride, climbing up and over a difficult hill without even noticing it.

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