Spring cleaning



I got myself a doosey of a flu last week.  Fevers lasting 3 days, taking me into a depth of agony and despair. And insight.  As I learned years ago, illnesses like the ‘common’ cold or flu are opportunities for reflection and cleansing, clearing out whatever imbalances created the conditions necessary for illness.

Trying to ride again yesterday, just made it up over Cape Perpetua before the coughing kicked in.  Not ready to ride yet.  More healing needed.

Spring cleaning.  Over consumption of non-foods, like coffee, sugar, bourbon, fatty, junk food.  Why?  When I know what I’m supposed to be doing?  Stress.  Sloth.  Equal parts.  Until my body rebels, taking me down, to the depths of self, into the bowels, literally.

Detoxification.  Letting go of things that make me ill.  Substances, behaviors, even relationships, childish interactions, drama, dependency.  People to drag me down. No fault or blame needed, actually.  Just letting go of an old way of relating.

Embracing the new.  Clear, empowered, mature, responsible.  Taking care of self and home and business.  Taking in the sunshine and the wind and the weather, letting the Spring rains wash me clean, water my garden, bring hope back to plant new possibilities. Ahhh.

Breathing clear, once again.

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