Yachats dispatch: a chilly ride

I saw a break in the rain, and drove over to Yachats to take my favorite ride, over Cape Perpetua to Heceta Head. One of my primary training rides two summers ago as I resumed cycling after a nearly ten year hiatus. And after cycling the entire California coast, I can say with confidence that this fifteen mile stretch of US 101 is one of the most beautiful rides on the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route.

Not that it mattered to me. I was distracted by numb fingers and aching legs. Not riding for five days had started to take its toll, on my body and mind. Brisk pumping over hills, past treasured vistas and descents, then turning, returning, wind at my back, carrying me north.

A dinner with Nate on the Yachats River, featuring a 24 pound salmon he’d caught on that river, plus roots from his garden. He had invited me to his place on many occasions over the past few years, and I was glad to finally see the house he’d built for his young family. Nate installs solar water heating systems, and is also a permaculture buff, into cob and natural building. We have much in common. It was good to share a meal in common, with a nice Pinot, warm wood stove, friendly canines. Nate skyped a nighttime story to his son who was visiting Portland with Cicely. Funny technology. Video phone – a space age scifi fantasy when I was a kid. Now commonplace, a connection between dad and 3 year old son.

I’m heading back to Corvallis, and to FireWorks. The Acoustic Showdown playoff is tonight, and for once I’ll be judging instead of hosting. There will be videos of great music soon. Stay posted!


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