Leaving the city of angels


Finally coming home.  Amtrak is taking me on its slow, meandering route, first up the coast, then inland California, then Southern Oregon, then Eugene to Albany.  27 hours is a long time to ride, very restful, watching scenery pass.  Contemplating, napping, listening to music, watching the copy of Tron Legacy I downloaded last spring.

A few more images of my time in LA.  I walked about a mile of the Avenue of the Stars, and laughed at the irony that both Mr. Rogers and Dr. Suess had stars in front of a risque lingerie S/M shop.  I’m sure they would enjoy at the juxtaposition, if not check out the shop themselves.

Lots of evidence of filming, including the hotel next to the hostel, where a scene from Castle was shot just before I arrived.  I was told someone falls from an upper story, smashing into a fruit stand.  I shot the leftover equipment that hadn’t been dismantled yet.

Tuned into my favorite podcast by Marc Maron to connect again with the funny and absurd.  In his closing rant, Eddie Peppitone railed against Hollywood people, how they are all so perfect and pretty.  An impossible standard.  I saw some of that, the makeup, the pretense.  But also the sadness, the alienation.  And the contrast – how the normal folks are beautiful, approachable, friendly.

Didn’t go in the Hard Rock Cafe, but took another picture of it for Janelle.  I don’t know if she even likes the HRC, but know she loves LA.  I’ll be seeing her soon, and all my people.  I really starting to long for home.  I hope I don’t cry all over everyone.  I probably will.

Then, how long till the wanderlust kicks in again?  Until the call of the road pulls me back out here, back to the lonely miles, the empty landscapes, the chill of the morning ride before daybreak, the warmth of aching muscles and golden sunsets.

Not long.  May I enjoy my time at home as much as being out there.  This moment is all I have, after all.

One thought on “Leaving the city of angels

  1. great job, road! i hope you blog continues, including your first day back at the resturant!, im sure that will be intresting!, see ya in gold beach! greg

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