Back to the beach

Day 41: San Elijo Beach layover

Groggy and shivering, I mounted my bike and rode to the Metrolink station. Train to San Diego. Hostel, warm and dry, with rain predicted Friday. Enroute I visited the park website and found San Elijo State Beach was open! So I hopped off the train at Encinitas and rode over. I love this park. High on a bluff with 100 steps down to the beach, it overlooks a vast, calm sea. Still a favorite spot for surfers, who all take to the waves in wetsuits despite the relatively mild water temps.

I went down to the beach to catch some sun and found it crawling with red ants and sand fleas. Tropical zone means critters in the sand, unlike Oregon beaches which are too cold for insect life. Still felt good to soak in the November sun, lower in the sky as it arcs towards the winter solstice.

I am looking towards my return to Corvallis with anticipation and anxiety. How will I feel coming back to the constellation of friends, business contacts, family in transition, colder weather… Many uncertain things, feelings, events, economy.

At the same time, I’m tiring of this life on the road. Tired of setting up my tent every day. Tired of the long lonely rides, lonely meals, lonely nights. Tired of trying to figure out who I am, where I am going, at times wandering aimlessly until the bicycle seems to choose my course. And I do not relish further touring as the weather cools. It is getting to be time to come home.

Hung out a long time at Starbucks trying to upload video, to no avail. Then to a restaurant with 84 year old lobsters and eels in an aquarium. Those aren’t going to be eaten.

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