Getting into hot water again

Day 39: Joshua Tree to Palm Springs

Another chilly night, dipping to the mid 30s. Ironically, once I put up the tarp, the rain stopped. Funny how that is.

And yes, I did have interesting dreams, one where my friends and loved ones were meeting me in an elevator where I was taking my bike onto a train. Seemed they were all joining me on the trip. As I realized you all have done just that, by reading along on the blog. Thank you all, for being my traveling companions, even as I have chosen to ride solo.

I’m aware of a strong connection to home and also to new friends I’ve met along the journey. Like the kind folks I met in a cafe and coffee shop today. Why is it that only towards the end of a tour I finally start opening up and talking to “strangers”? Maybe the malaise I feel as the tour winds down forces me to reach out.

I felt the blues this morning as I set out, as well as prickly cold fingers and toes. I don’t enjoy starting a ride in such cold, but beautiful clear skies are the reward. And my destination today was a family RV park and hot spring spa near Palm Springs. It really helped to look forward to getting into the hot water there. Not so much looking forward to the hot water back in Corvallis – restaurant sales slumped in October, uncertainty still looming.

But no sense obsessing about that, with a great ride at hand. Wild, long descents through stunning desert landscape. But what words can’t say, pictures say better. And then there’s the video. Unfortunately I’m having issues with the upload, so you’ll have to wait till I can find faster wifi.

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