Climbing to sunlight, descending into fog

Day 19: Santa Cruz layover, part 2


Finally got to see Naomi, who had been traveling from LA the first night, working the next morning. A good conversation, picking up from the last time I was here, also sharing the challenges of the past summer.  I realized how much shame I’ve been carrying, embarrassed to tell friends I’m leaving my partner.

Hopped on my bike and rode further up into the hills above Santa Cruz. Scotts Valley, Graham Hill.  Beautiful blue skies up there, then a rapid descent town into Santa Cruz, and into the cover of fog.  Chilly, such a different feel, a different look.  Colors are muted. Naomi warns the cats they shouldn’t go out when it’s foggy – the coyotes love to hunt on overcast days.

A perfect day for a soak at the Kiva Retreat House, also baked myself in their sauna.  Hot!  Good contrast to the chill.  But I dallied there too long, ended up having to ride up the 5 miles to their house again in the dark.  I have super bright lights, but it’s still hair raising to ride a dark windy mountain road with cars overtaking me. 

I was glad to reach their house, and even more delighted to find a rehearsal of my favorite band: Naomi and the Courteous Rudies (new spin on their name).  A bootlegged video, for your enjoyment:

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