Rain Camp #2 Update: Tent leaks!


Results of the field testing are in: the 20 year old Eureka tent leaks. A lot. So much I am getting wet feet inside my sleeping bag. But I'm not packing it up, not yet. NOAA website says rain is supposed to let up around 11pm, then stop altogether at 4am. I just don't want to spend another night in a motel, watching b-grade sci fi horror flicks. (Cable does this for October, a whole month of horror.)

Back to the rain. Reminds me of my initiation into Oregon camping. Fall of 1976, campout in the rain at Beverly Beach with Troop 161. My brother and I set up our army .surplus floorless canvas pup tent in what turned out to be a drainage. We got soaked and ended up shivering in one sleeping bag in the back of a pickup. Failed at the Scout Motto: 'Be prepared'.

Looks like I failed again, at least regarding this tent! Time at last to let it go…or repair? Used some great waterproof spray on my coat. Won't have time for a fix this trip. So the next best thing: blue tarp at Freddies tomorrow 🙂

Please let us know what you think...

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