Day 8: The power of prayer?


Update: Zach didn’t have a stroke, but rather a heart attack.  Little or no brain damage.  Responsive to doctors.  Good news!

I spent the day’s ride, the 8th in a row, however mortified by my prior post.  You see, the post went public on my facebook page, due to a marvelous “auto-post” feature I thought I’d disabled.  What I had meant to be a personal musing of my doubts of prayer here on this blog, instead was broadcast to my over 1200 facebook friends.

Many of whom were praying for Zach, in the desparate condition he was thought to be. In states of extreme duress and panic. Along come Ocean’s self-centered comments, accusing them of “magical wishful thinking”.  In short, I came out of the closet with that posting – the atheist closet.

Of course, that I needed to do.  Not to deceive anyone into thinking I have beliefs I don’t.  But the timing was horrible.  With that posting I came out of another closet – the arrogant, insensitive bastard closet.  Attacking the faithful in their time of need.

Now, consider that maybe their prayers actually worked!  And that is why Zach seems to be recovering so quickly.  Or maybe his exceptional health is playing a role.  Regardless, prayer did something that I will forever be an outsider to – unify friends and family in a very dark time.

I posted an appology on facebook, after I noticed the posting went public.  I am truly sorry if I hurt anyone through my insensitive comments.  I’m sure Zach and I will have a good laugh over this once he’s up and running again.

But for now, I feel the burden of my conscience.  And the aching loneliness of the atheist’s stance.  I am alone here in this vast universe.  Friends are wonderful companions along the journey, yet at the end of the road we all face death truly alone. 

I find some solace in this, out here in Yachats, at the end of the continent, where water and waves meet stone and land in an eternal dance.  And for now, I live, we live, let us all continue the dance together!

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