Alsea Falls (x2)


A “new” favorite ride; the Alsea Falls loop is 51 miles, crosses the Coast Range twice with 1300 feet summits. The Falls are roughly at the halfway point, and make a great stop over for lunch with a view. A small grove of old growth Western Cedar border the falls. The Eastern leg of the loop follows a beautifully rolling Bellfountain Road along Finley Wildlife Preserve.

I rode to Alsea Falls two days ago, starting late and blasting through the 50 miles, in one of my driven endurance ordeal rides. Today added 10 miles to the route, as I first rode in to the Youth Garden Project to help them learn to make pizza in their cob oven. After 61 miles, I have a satisfied and somewhat sore body and delighted soul.

Enjoy this video of Alsea Falls:

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