An Earth Day Ride and Hoo Haa!


A perfect spring day!  Just 60 degrees, cool and clear sky, my 30 mile ride over Decker Road reminded my of what I love most about riding.  The long distance cruising, stoking up hills, flying down the other side, hours to contemplate, muse, discover more about the world and my self.

At the end I rolled over to the Hoo Haa, the annual Earth Day celebration by the OSU Organic Growers Club.  Off 34, just past the golf course, James Cassidy leads students in organic growing on a test plot.  Beautiful dark soil, growing favas, onions and much more.  An electric tractor, baby chicks, hoop games, a solar powered stage, and hundreds of students and community members celebrating the planting cycle.

Planting seeds, food for body and soul, food for thought.  Spring is a wonderful time.

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