Open Mic is Alive and Well in Santa Cruz


Top temperature today of 68 degrees! Summer like, so refreshing. I spent the two hours at the Kiva today, laying in the sun, soaking, sweating in the sauna, dipping into the cold plunge, then sunning. It 
felt so good, to relax, to rest, to float into that dreamy state of wondering what is coming next, what will I do next?

Over to Asana Tea House in the afternoon, for a hearty bowl of carrot soup, brown rice and steamed greens. I ordered a tea pot of a delightful herbal blend of lavender and other things I can’t remember. 
Sitting low in an overstuffed chair I again entered that dreamy state, not unlike a trance: time passes gently, and wondering brings insight and creativity. I planned to be there for the Asana open mic, so I lingered on for hours.

A young artist named Mogli set up the gear and playing some nice looping guitar and vocals. A doppleganger for the young Dylon. The others came up, songs, guitar, uke, spoken word. And a mystic spoken word piece with Mogli doing sound effects through his looper. Gave me some ideas! I shot and uploaded lots of video. See for yourself…

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