Vintage Bicycle Odyssey: a Journey of Body and Soul

What words can possibly describe a heart so filled with emotion it wants to burst?

This is the joy of completion, of a quest founded, of a mission accomplished: 1142 miles clocked from Philomath to Los Angeles.  As I cruise north on the Coast Starlight, I now carry a strong renewed connection with the landscape whizzing by.  A warmth fills my belly, my eyes grow misty with tears.  The sun hangs low in a clear blue sky, shimmers and glistens off a placid sea, rolling sand dunes are blanketed with red tipped ice plants. I love this land, and with it the many people I have met along the road – old friends revisited, new friends discovered, companions all on this mysterious journey we call life.

My odyssey will continue, for I know the journey home is only the beginning of a new chapter.  Ironic and poignant, Odysseus took 10 years to return home to Ithaca after the end of the Troy war, which he set out to fight 10 years before that; likewise I feel I had been virtually abI wasn‘t sure I was in shape for it.  I didn‘t know if I would make it.  But that didn‘t dampen my resolve.  Somehow the motto lived in the back of my head, “If it doesn‘t kill you, it will make you stronger than ever.“

Indeed, on this trip I discovered the powerful quads I had built over 20 years ago were still there, a hidden strength waiting to be utilized.  My legs came back into shape more quickly than I imagined they would.  My heart beat strongly, and more easily as I shed excess pounds and excess worries. I even found the hills to be less challenging than the last time I rode this coast, and likewise found the accompanying emotional highs and lows less dramatic.  Insight and peace of mind came much quicker and easier.

I‘m aware the restaurant remains a challenging venture, but I am ready to jump back in to help it grow and become stronger too.  With a clear head and open heart, I think I‘ll be better at my job than ever.  I will finish writing up my interview with Ianto and post it here along with further musings from the road, because I plan to continue riding on any day I can.  Alsea Falls, Alpine, Newport, Yachats – all these destinations seem much closer to than when I left a month ago.  Let me know if you want to go riding, I‘d love some company this time around!

Thank you all who‘ve been reading and riding along with me.  I have been honored to have your audience, and have enjoyed writing in a way I haven‘t experienced in all my years of keeping a personal journal.  You all know a bit more about me than I‘ve shared before. To those who wrote in to me, I am moreover grateful for your support on my journey.

Happy trails!  I‘ll be seeing you soon.

One thought on “Vintage Bicycle Odyssey: a Journey of Body and Soul

  1. Hi Ocean,When I met you at the wkshp I really liked yur name. Just visited and just realised that my old bike as a teen my mom bought me was a blue miyata, that was somtime around 1983; age 14. I had the most beautiful yellow Schwinn last July-Oct, but sadly it was stolen. It rode like a dream.The wkshp was beautiful and I have a photo of two of our group members, Bill and the older German woman and another participant behind Cristina and Stan. Thanks for asking to be partners.Enjoy the ride.BEcca

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