Pismo Beach to Refugio Beach, 81 miles

Today was a rockin‘ ride!  The storm passed and left clear skies and a 15 MPH tailwind, so the miles flew by.  After bidding my hosts Jamie and Pun‘kin goodbye I headed south over the Lompoc peninsula.  Passing Vandenberg Air Force Base I remembered conversations about drone pilots and video games, and was struck by how much the Space Command logo bears resemblance to the Star Trek insignia. Geeks in high command?


So you‘ve been paying attention, which means I have to admit I did take another lift, from Esalen to Pismo Beach.  We left around 3pm, and drove over the remainder of the Big Sur cliffs in foggy drizzle with visibility not much better than Friday‘s ride.  I was glad to be safe and warm in the car, as I enjoyed getting to know Matt, who runs an organic garden and pet supply store in Goletta.

I‘m staying tonight at Refugio State Beach, which has a history of being a Spanish smuggler‘s refuge.  Yarr, matey!  The hiker biker site here ranks among the prettiest of all the campgrounds I‘ve visited, located directly across from a long white sand beach lined with palm trees. There are several other bikers here, some I met at Patricks Point who are heading south to Argentina!  Pretty random to hook up with them again, since we parted at Fort Bragg and I took several days layover.  But such is the experience of touring the Pacific Coast.

Take the time to download this video.  If you watch closely at about 3/4 way through you will see a pelican diving to catch a fish.  Of all the pelicans I saw the past two summers in Yachats, I didn‘t see them diving.  They must be diving somewhere, a birds‘ gotta eat!

Tomorrow I ride to Santa Barbara, where I will spend some time exploring the beautiful city.  I haven‘t been through this area since 1987 and I‘m looking forward to following the tour laid out in the book.

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