Patricks Point to Myers Flat, 78 miles

Another long ride!  I‘ve cut out a whole day, if you follow the book (Biycling the Pacific Coast). Most of the day was riding 101, which is now a four lane freeway.  Safer actually since the shoulders are 15 feet wide.  Stopped at the Arcata Coop and got way too much food! Ate a good deal of it tonight though.  The last 10 miles was on the Avenue of the Giants, another patch of ancient redwoods.

I‘ll wax a little political and dare a bit of social commentary – I wondered what it was like to be in the crews that logged all the millions of giant redwoods.  How short sighted we humans are, with our short lifespans. What thoughts didn‘t occur in those who destroyed forests that had been in existance for thousands of years (large redwoods are 1500-2000 years old).  And a flyer in Arcata said that Caltrans intends to log the Richardson Grove, to widen 101. Don‘t do it!  I don‘t mind riding a rode with no shoulder – and I‘m being serious.

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