Florence to Coquille, 69 miles

Liquid sky today.  Not rain, not fog.  More like riding through a cloud. I think the word is “drizzle“.  My rain gear held and towards the afternoon it was mostly just overcast.

Bruce headed back via Triangle Lake and I headed south on the longest ride for me yet. I struggled with the tedium of the miles.  At times the trance overtook me:  I just pedaled and pedaled, and the mind let go and then there was nothing but the road, the sky, the clouds, the bicycle, and two legs stroking on and on.

I detoured from the coast highway today to visit Ianto at Cob Cottage Company in Coquille.  Another goal of this trip was to interview Ianto and write it up enroute to submit to the editors at the Sun retreat. Of course, I was nervous in anticipation.  What would I ask Ianto?  Would I sound stupid? Would I have anything new to write?

The sky grew darker as I rolled into Coquille.  I found Rink Creek Lane and followed until it turned into gravel.  It was dark as the gravel stretched on and turned into a steep, very rough drive.  I pushed the bike up with a headlamp guiding me through the woods.  Spooky!

Then I recognized the path, the short wooden bridge, and at last the warm glow of light through a cob framed window.  Ianto greated me and imediately set about preparing a simple but delicious dinner of quinoa and salad.  My fears abated as I relaxed and began to catch up with Ianto.

I was delighted to stay in Dawn, one of many cob buildings on the land.  I fell into a satisfied sleep with dreams of wood fired hot tubs…

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